Upper Air UV AIR CLEAN    (TB Infection Control)

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          KILL COVID-19

In-room systems reduce airborne pathogens to very low 

levels,  thus reducing the risk of infection in wards, clinics, 

schools and other congregate settingsThese germicidal

products are safe to use while areas are occupied.

The upper air UV-C units are either suspended on the

The upper air UV-C unit are either suspended on the ceiling or mounted on walls at least 7 feet from the floor and

disinfect while the space is occupied.  Radiation is directed upward and outward to create an intense zone of UV in the upper portion while minimizing the UV in lower levels.  As microbes move into the upper portion of the room, viruses, bacteria and fungi are inactivated so that they can no longer reproduce.  These units are used where a reduction of airborne infectious diseases is desired and/or when HVAC germicidal units are not feasible.

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